Monday, 12 July 2010

VBCW Red Workers Militia [9]

I spent most of the weekend babysitting, putting up or taking down tents and barbecuing things, so didn't get any painting done.

It's been really hot and humid so any attempt to paint during the day is doomed to failure as the paint dries too fast. It's also a shame to stay indoors while it's nice outside, especially as the rest of the Summer will probably be a washout!

However, I did get a little more done on the Reds yesterday evening, once things had cooled off, with a three stage coat of Foundry Canvas on the trousers, puttees and shirts of some of the figures.

I'm planning to paint the heavy and light machine guns this evening in Foundry Phlegm Green, together with the rifle barrels and SMG's in Foundry Charcoal Grey.

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