Monday, 5 July 2010

Hannover CLIIIa Fuselage

I've cleaned up and assembled the fuselage of the Hannover this evening, along with the lower wing, engine and nacelle. The fuselage is neatly embossed with the date of manufacture of the original kit, 1967, which makes it a year older than me. As a result, it's a typical Airfix product, with some really 'nice' raised panel lines and rivets but a pretty dodgy fit when it comes to components.

Nonetheless, with a bit of sanding the fuselage halves should match up quite well and the lower wing and engine nacelle should fit fine, with a little filling of joints. I'm not after an IPMS trophy so I'm sure a few patched up bits and dodgy seams won't matter too much.

One thing I will sort out is the machine guns as I have some neat Aeroclub white metal alternatives to replace the dodgy plastic efforts supplied with the kit. The pilot will also be replaced with a Matchbox one, as they're far better and are pretty good as WW1 aircrew.

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