Saturday, 17 July 2010

Tumbling Dice Victorian Ironclads [6]

HMS Warrior

The Royal Navy Channel Squadron
The French Channel Squadron

The Onodaga

Here's the two squadrons in all their undercoated glory. As you can see, the models are very well detailed and quite impressive close up, even though the photos are a bit blurry. The picture of HMS Warrior shows just how much detail is included. The Onondaga conversion is a little less than fantastic but it'll do as a stand in until I can scratchbuild something more accurate.


  1. These look like they're coming along really well - I've had my own colourful invective outbursts when trying to add the masts and rigging to these - so I feel your pain - although your efforts are definitely looking better than mine!

    I think the Onondaga is absolutely spiffing - this is quite a small scale to be throwing conversion attempts around, but she looks the business!

  2. I'll second the compliments - I am surprised at how nice the ratlines on Warrior look. That is a detail missing from the Figurehead minis.