Monday, 19 July 2010

And now for something completely different...

I thought I'd explain why I haven't been doing any painting over the last couple of days, just in case you were wondering if I'd lost the plot.

Fear not.

I have been tasked by She Who Shall Not Be Named with a small restoration project for a freind of the family. The object in question is a ninety year old handmade model galleon, which has seen better days and is in need of some reconstruction. I have been 'volunteered' to strip down and rebuild it, so have been busy with the first stage of the process over the weekend, despite having to go to a wedding on Saturday and a kiddies birthday party on Sunday.

After dismantling the various bits of tangled string and dusty woodwork, the hull was given a good wash and brush up, then varnished with gloss and satin spray. The end result looks pretty good althoughI expect the Edwardian Vintage Model Boat Society would probably disagree.

I'm now in the process of stripping back the yardarms. After that, I'll add the standing rigging to the hull, with the ratlines as the first task on the list.

Fingers crossed.


  1. "Yar!" Now all she needs is a gang of scurvy Pirates to crew her!
    15, 25 or 28mm?

  2. That looks like one hell of a restoration project. Good luck.


  3. Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum - well you deserve a bottle of rum.