Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Tumbling Dice Victorian Ironclads [2]

The Royal Navy channel squadron has been pretty much prepared today, although there have been one or two changes to the composition of the fleet.

The squadron consists of:

HMS Warrior and HMS Black Prince - broadside ironclads
HMS Northumberland and HMS Agincourt - broadside ironclads
HMS Captain - turret ironclad
HMS Achilles- broadside ironclad
HMS Scorpion and HMS Wivern - turret ironclads
HMS Hotpsur - ironclad ram
HMS Bulldog - paddle sloop
HMS Greyhound - screw sloop

I may add HMS Monarch and/or HMS Minotaur tomorrow but have decided to leave out HMS Ocean and her sisterships for the moment as I already have quite a lot of painting to do as it is.

All have been assembled and undercoated ready for painting, which I'll either start tomorrow or leave until Thursday, tackling the French fleet in the meantime.

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