Monday, 12 July 2010

Adventures in Jimland?

I've been thinking about re-vitalising interest in 28mm dinosaur hunting at the club, as my offers to run games of Saurian Safari have hit the buffers. I usually get one or two players interested in a Saurian Safari scenario but you really need three or four for a decent game.

Anyway, I picked up a copy of Adventures in Jimland from Leisure Games a year or so ago, when it was re-published in a shiny new booklet format. It looks like a really well put together game system with a campaign feel to it that Saurian Safari lacks.

I'd need to paint up some more natives and some bearers, together with some additional terrain features but I have plenty of stuff in my Darkest Africa leadpile that I could use. Anything I did do could double up for Darkest Africa as well.

Worth a try, although I'll put some feeler out first to see if there's interest in a campaign style approach to dinosaur hunting at the club.
And the name sort of fits too...

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