Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Tumbling Dice Reinforcements

The extras from Tumbling Dice arrived today to fill out the two squadrons of ironclads that I'm going to paint up next week.

I ordered three more central battery ironclads for the French, which will represent Montcalm, Atalante and Reine Blanche, together with HMS Prince Consort and HMS Caledonia as sister ships for HMS Orion.

I also added a few smaller vessels including some very neat steam paddle tugs, a couple of paddle sloops and a selection of screw steam frigates, which will be allocated to either side as required. Finally, I included a couple of general purpose merchant steam ships, which could be used as supply vessels or in blockade running or escort scenarios.

As expected, the castings are very nicely done and I'm really looking forward to having a crack at them in a few days time. Incidentally, I've always had superb service from Tumbling Dice and can thoroughly recommend both the 1/600th scale aircraft range and the 1/2400th scale ships that he produces. Top stuff!

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