Thursday, 22 July 2010

VBCW Red Workers Militia [12]

I eventually got round to the FT17 and Putilov this evening, after tangling with the ratlines on the boat for an hour or so.

The FT17 and field gun got a wash with the usual gunk, followed by a GW Camo Green drybrush.

Next, I painted the tracks, wheel rims and machine gun in Foundry Charcoal Grey and Charcoal Grey Light. This was followed up with the exhaust in three shades of Foundry Tan and rust streaks in the same, with a little GW Flesh Wash for good measure, although I think I may have over cooked it a bit with the latter.

I need to add some mud weathering and some metallic chipping to the tank but decided to add some decals in the meantime. The Red Stars are from Doms Decals (excellent!) 1.300th scale range and the numbers from the sprares box.

Next up will be the breech on the gun and some detailing on the tank, prior to the aforementioned weathering and basing.

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