Saturday, 24 July 2010


I've set up a game of AK47 at the club on Tuesday, as I haven't played one for ages and won't have another game until September, so it's a good one to tide me over until then.

There are four of us involved, which is a bit unusual but should be fun. We'll either run one game and have two commanders per side, taking alternate units as they arrive as reinforcements, or run two parallel games.

As three of us have the old Second Edition rules, two of us the Reloaded version and one has no rules at all, it should be interesting to work out exactly what we're going to do. Jon had a neat idea to run a UN convoy game, so that's yet another possibilty.

Whatever happens, it'll be a laugh and there will be some after action photos posted here, perhaps with a press release from Radio Free Nbuto, if I have the time to put one together (assuming the FART are in action, that is).

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  1. I used to play AK47. It is fun but limited, IMHO.