Sunday, 4 July 2010

Victorian Ironclad French Squadron

Not a lot achieved today as we were at the Hat Fair again. I have, however, pencilled in the 1/2400th scale ironclads for the c1872 French channel squadron, including:

Magenta and Solferino
Gauloise, Revanche, Provence, Flandre, Guyenne and Valeureuse
Armide, Thetis, Jeanne d'Arc and Alma,

I have deliberately left out Gloire and her sister ships, as the latter were stricken in the 1870's due to their original poor construction.

I could, however, add a twin turret monitor, the Onodaga, using one of the TD union models with a few modifications. A couple of steam frigates, avisos or sloops should round things off nicely.

How many I can tackle really depends on how long they take to paint up.

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