Tuesday, 13 July 2010

VBCW Red Workers Militia [10]

I forgot to mention that I painted up the machine guns in Foundry Phlegm Green yesterday, although I mixed up the base coat to start with by using Storm Green Shade by mistake. It looks OK, nonetheless, although I may well add some highlights later on to pick up the details.

I also had a go with some Foundry Tan on various boots, caps, overalls and uniforms, together with a bit of Foundry Storm Green (again) on jackets, caps and webbing. I'm not sure about the end result and will definately repaint some of the bits I've had a go at.

Having said that, quite a few of the figures are in an almost ready to be used state of completion so, with a little bit of forward momentum, I could well get them finished off by the end of the month.

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