Monday, 28 February 2011

Rapid Fire 5th Battalion DCLI [25]

I decided to concentrate on the tanks for the 4/7th Royal Dragoon Guards this evening. This meant tackling the camo netting with a basecoat of Coat d'Arms Olive Drab followed by a 50:50 wash of GW Devlan Mud and Thraka Green ink.

The end result looked really good until the ink dried out at which point it looked a bit flat. To lift it up a bit, I added a final drybrush of GW Camo Green, which seems to have done the trick although a bit more fine tuning will probably happen before I'm happy with it.

I also basecoated the tracks in Vallejo 304 Dark Rust, to be followed by a wash of gunge and some highlight drybrushing in various lighter rusty, metallic type shades. This is the plan for tomorrow, along with some detail painting of the tyres on the roadwheels, the stowage and other fiddly bits.


  1. Great work with these Valiant miniatures

    I hope to follow your example when I take a crack at mine

  2. OK, I guess I should say armour too as I posted it on the tankie bit ;)

  3. Nice work Jim. Fancy painting my 6mm Shermans for me?

  4. Looking good. My Panther crews are "quietschfidel" at the thought of some target practice on them later :)

  5. Very effective paintwork. They look very nice. Is that a differant pic at the top of your page?