Saturday, 12 February 2011


I haven't had time to get any further painting on the Rapid Fire! stuff today, or get the Iron Cow tanks and AFV's cleaned up, as I've been pestered by the younger son to make up some GW Space Orks. This was a result of the eldest son getting his Mantic Undead in the post the other day and proceeding to wave them in front of his disgruntled little brother. Great.

Luckily, I remembered that there were a load of leftover Orks in the Assault on Black Reach box set that I bought for Alex last year. He wasn't interested in them, or the Space Marines really despite a few days of enthusuiasm, so they have now been donated to the sprog to keep him happy. We (I) cleaned up and based the small gang in the picture this morning and he's keen to paint them up tomorrow.

There goes my weekend. 

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  1. Black undercoat - dry brush tin bitz and you're half way there with Orks! :-)