Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Belated Black Powder Birthday Bundle

I finally got the other half of my wife's birthday present yesterday, which had been held up in the post but arrived safe and sound if a month late. I had put it on my Xmas list, along with a handy web address for Warlord Games, so I was really pleased to get the rulebook and a couple of boxes of Victrix French and British Napoleonic infantry to get me started.

I'm not sure why if or when I'll get to try out the rules but they're jolly good as a general source of visual inspiration regardless. I have some Redoubt ACW figures knocking about, which might be a possible way in or I could go down the 28mm Napoleonics route with my initial boxes of figures and the couple that I already had for Sharpe Practise. Whatever, it's yet another project to be tackled when I get the time.

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