Sunday, 6 February 2011

Iron Cow Camouflage Ideas

I've been giving some randon thought to the camo scheme for the ONESS hover tanks, APC's and SPG's over the last couple of days and have been googling for inspiration. My first thought was to go for some sort of modern Swedish scheme, with contrasting shades of green or grey in splinter pattern. This is very cool but also very tricky to pull off in 6mm, as I'd need to do some unfeasibly fiddly masking to get it right.

So, the Plan B option was for a fractal pattern type approach, simplified down to some creative stippling in various NATO type shades. The idea would be to replicate something not unlike current German pattern camouflage, as seen on the latest AFV's. Again, a bit of a tall order but not as tricky as the splinter.

Finally, I was thinking of a fall back wash and drybrush approach, to create a faded down effect that could work well in 6mm. This would be the easiest but might end up a little bland. I'll probably just dive in and make it up as I go along but at least I can use the various pictures that I've found as inspiration.

There are a lot of computer game based images available and they give quite a range of potential schemes that I've pinched as reference material. I'm sure that whatever I end up doing will probably be more off the cuff than palnned but at least I've got some direction to head in.

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