Monday, 7 March 2011

633 Squadron DVD

I got my DVD copy of 633 Squadron in the post today so have been zipping through it to extract useful details for the 1:600th scale game. I know it's not exactly the same as the book but, as most players will be familiar with the cheesy big screen version, it's worth mining for details and ideas. 

A bit of hamfisted fiddling with the DVD remote and I already have the following key details:

  1. The film version Squadron Code is HT.
  2. There are the normal 4 flights in the squadron (Red, White, Green and Blue).
  3. The Squadron Leader is Blue Flight leader.
  4. The callsign for the attack is Everest.
  5. The callsign for successfully bombing the factory is Vesuvius.
  6. The mission is flown at 200'
  7. There is an island at the mouth of the Swartsfjord.
  8. The fjord has a dog leg bend half way along it's course and also narrows at this point.
  9. There are 9 flak positions: 1 on the island, 6 on the north side and 2 on the south side of the fjord
  10. The target is destroyed after 6 hits (not the 12 that the boffins originally specify)
Not bad for five minutes of fast forwarding, pausing and rewinding, even if I say so myself.


  1. i do that with movies too, but not normally one like 633 squadron ;o)

  2. Great movie - a classic indeed!