Saturday, 5 March 2011

633 Squadron Solo Project

I've decided to bite the proverbial bullet and set off on my own with the 633 Squadron idea. I've thought it through (no, really, I have) and reckon that 1:600th scale is the way to go for a mini-mulitplayer game that I can also play solo.

I have nearly everything I need already but have indulged in some extra Tumbling Dice Mossies from Dom, as the ones I have are rocket armed or have 57mm guns for anti-shipping attacks. I have a whole squadron of twelve on the way, so will be painting them up when they arrive.

I have a bid in on Ebay for a Tamiya harbour set and have also picked up a cheap paperback copy of the book for reference purposes. It's an old 1960's copy as I love the cover art, even if the books are a bit tatty and creased. Very atmospheric and also very useful for the details of the raid.

I'll get everything together for this project before I get started, so there may be a while before you see anything posted here. I also have to finish the Rapid Fire! stuff and, if possible, get the Iron Cow project sorted before the serious business of fjord construction can be tackled.

Don't hold your breath...

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