Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Red Armoured Train [1]

Following the game yesterday, in which Jon's White armoured train proved it's worth in denying a Bolshevik victory, I have decided to build my own armoured behemoth for the Third Workers and Peasants Shock Brigade.

To this end, I have been doing some internet searching and have found some very useful scale drawings of various World War One and Russian Civil War era trains. These will be very helpful in scratchbuilding something that looks reasonably authentic.

I have already stockpiled some Teamster diecast engines and carriages for just such a project, so have the rolling stock I need as a basis for the armouring and arming of the train. I know that Jon used the same toys as the basis of his armoured train so I should be able to make something similar, with the advantage that it'll be compatible with his scratchbuilt track, at least until I can make my own.

I'm going to make a train with an armoured engine and tender, a turreted artillery wagon, a command wagon with machine guns and a troop carrying wagon, possibly featuring an AA gun of some sort or just some small arms gun loops. I'll make a start on this today and hopefully get the bulk of it done over the weekend.


  1. Wargames Illustrated this month had a scenario with a Polish armoured train which had its own tankette force.

    Armoured trains are always good for scenarios.

  2. Cant wait to see more of this project Comrade!