Monday, 20 February 2012

AK47 Game

I have an AK47 game tomorrow at the club against my irregular opponent Jon, who will be wheeling out his new superpower backed M.O.B. army against my dictatorship army of the Peoples Republic of Mbote. The last time we had a battle it ended in a rather bloody stalemate. This time, I'm hoping for a decisive victory using a combination of interesting units that I've bundled together, to defend the sovereignty of Mbote and the offshore bank accounts of President Papi Mpongo.

I'm not going to reveal the exact composition of the Mbote strikeforce as the CIA spooks will, no doubt, be listening in. However, there will be some air support and some significant AAA assets in the deployment, in order to blunt any M.O.B. spearhead before it can achieve it's objectives. I'm fairly confident that I will be digging in as the defender for this game, so expect to be using my new objective markers for the M.O.B. to frontal assault.

I've also asked to use the club hex terrain hills to add a bit of vertical scenery to the battlefield. This should make things interesting and add some line of sight angles to the game, which otherwise tends to end up as a long range turkey shoot. It should look good either way, so I'll take some photos and run up a press release or two after the dust has settled. I may also put out some pre-game propaganda, if I can find the time to get my act together.


  1. Go Mbote!!!
    Pity you can't bring on the F.A.R.T.!!