Saturday, 25 February 2012

Bag The MiG [2]

I've done a quick stock check on the 1/600th Tumbling Dice Korean War aircraft collection, cross referenced to the seven scenarios for Bag The MiG in the Toofatlardies supplements. The result is very encouraging as I have most of what's needed to run the scenarios already cleaned up and magnet attached. The rest of the required aircraft are also already in the collection, so I only need to order one pack of Il-10m Sturmoviks to make up the full complement.

As you can see, what I still have to clean up, assemble and magnet base is pretty minimal. This consists of two Il-10m's, two MiG 15's, six Thunderjets, four Shooting Stars, seven B29's and twelve Meteors. Of these, only the B29's are really essential, as the others can wait until I'm ready to play the specific scenarios for which they are listed. I'm going to get a good few of them prepared over the weekend if I can, so that I can start some production line painting sooner rather than later.

I've also splashed out on the Check Your Six! Jet Age supplement for the Korean War, which should give me a lot more scenarios to convert over to Bag The MiG. I played some games of CY6! at the club a few years ago and didn't really enjoy them that much to be honest. I think they work well for one on one games, with each player controlling a single or pair of models, but for larger games they start to get a bit clunky, largely due to the number crunching involved.  

I much prefer the flow of Bag The Hun and the unpredictability introduced by the card based movement sequence. Although this occasionally throws up some odd outcomes, it does make the game a lot of fun and far more interesting as a result. I'm also crap at mental maths, so all the ratios and column shifts in CY6! combined with the various modifiers and other data management conundruns make it a bit less playable for me. It's a good system, just not my cup of tea.

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