Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Back of Beyond Campaign Turn 5

I had a very rare victory in the Back of Beyond campaign this evening, unfortunately too late to make any real difference to the overall outcome. I was playing against Colin with his French Citroen-Kegresse Trans Asia expedition, complete with its French Foreign Legion based escort.

I was lucky enough to get some cracking dice rolls early on in the game, unlike last week, which knocked out his armour and put me ahead in the first turn. At the same time, Colin had some bad dice which meant that his machine gun failed to make any impact on my units.

For the next couple of turns things seemed to be pretty evenly matched. I suffered from the plunging fire from the French mountain artillery, which wiped out nearly half of my oil explorers, while the French took a pasting from my Garford Putilov and machine gun equipped improvised armoured cars.

In the end, I managed to wipe out Colin's colonial scouts, inflict several casulaties on both the legionaires and the expedition leaders, then knocked out his armoured car with the field gun mounted in the Garford Putilov. We called it a day and I walked away with my only victory of the campaign, which means I'm in joint last place for the final outcome. Woo hoo!

As expected it's been an enjoyable, if somewhat low key campaign but it will finish off with a big bang finale multiplayer game sometime after Easter. I'm planning a combined assault by all four remaining campaign players against the Bolshevik defences of Kashgar, which will be re-enforced by my as yet unfinished armoured train, some fieldworks and some rather unusual explosive pryotechnics!


  1. Looks like a great game (!) Hadn't thought about putting the French into the back of beyond but with all these nice new FFl figures coming from Artizan it is a great idea!

  2. Well done on the win! Nice eye-candy, too. I'm looking forward to your AAR of the game with that armored train.