Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Bag The Hun North Africa [12]

I've been researching the scenario for the Tobruk Bag the Hun 2 game and have decided to make a couple of changes to the set up, in order to make it more historcally accurate and a bit less one sided. This means that the Hurricanes of 73 or 274 squadron, depending on the exact scenario that I decide upon, will now be facing the Bf109E7/Trop of JG27, rather than just the clanky Fiat G50's or the previous set up.

This means that I'll be needing some new Emils for the game, so I've prepared and based eight of the Raiden Miniatures Bf109E7/Trop models, with a spray undercoat of Halfords grey primer to get them ready for painting. The current issue of Model Airplane International has a wide selection of full colour profiles of the desert Bf109's of JG27 as well, so I have plenty of excellent reference material in hand for the painting stage.

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