Sunday, 23 September 2012

Pulp Figures Rugged Adventures Lost World Safari Competition!

You may have spotted on TMP that Bob Murch has launched a brand new Pulp Figures webshop thingy, complete with his free downloadable pulp era roleplay / skirmish rules Rugged Adventures. These have been around for a decade or so but look like a really good set of two fisted, fun rules with plenty of opportunity for semi-roleplay Back of Beyond meets The Lost World in Darkest Africa style action.

In other words, right up my street.

Anyway, to celebrate the wonderful Pulp Figures range and to try out the Rugged Adventures rules, I've launched a little competition over on my Lost World Safari yahoo group, just for fun but with a serious objective, namely to stimulate some great ideas for dinosaur hunting scenarios.

If you're not part of the yahoo group, then here's an outline of the competition rules for you to peruse:

To highlight the excellent range of figures produced by Bob Murch and the jolly good Rugged Adventures pulp rules, I thought a little fun competition would be a neat idea.

There's no prize but it will no doubt give us all some interesting ideas for Lost World dinosaur related scenarios, which we can take away and turn into something fun. Everyone, as they say, will be a winner!

So, here are the rules:

1. Design a scenario for Rugged Adventures (or any other miniatures based rules of your choice), producing a brief synopsis of the plot, an outline of the characters and ideas for terrain, special rules and other fun things.

2. The scenario can only use miniatures from the Pulp Figures catalogue, with a maximum of five packs chosen from any of the different ranges (you can mix and match from whichever range you like)

3. One pack (PLT 08 Saurian Predators 1) MUST be used (it's Lost World Safari after all!) but this pack does NOT count towards your five. If you want extra packs of dinosaurs, you can add them but they will be deducted from your five pack limit.

4. A maximum of 500 words is allowed for your scenario explanation.

5. The Lost World Safari members will decide the overall winner in a poll, once the entries have been posted on the group (they should be published as simple posts rather than documents of files).

6. Deadline for your entries will be 1st October 2012.

Good luck chaps!

Tally Ho!.


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