Monday, 3 September 2012

VBCW Red Militia Extras

To make up up the numbers for the VBCW Red Militia company, I had a rummage in the spares box and dug out a sniper, a couple of molotov armed tank hunters, an extra tommy gunner and an officer for the HQ section. The figure are a mixture from the Musketeer VBCW and SCW packs, the Westwind French Resistance and the Artizan Thrilling Tales range.

The A World Aflame rules suggest that snipers and two man tank hunter teams are available through the turn of the Chance Cards, making them a bit random but potentially quite deadly, as they can pop out to ambush the attacker when he least expects it. I already have two dynamite / grenade / molotov equipped tank hunter teams painted up but a third is, I think, a good addition to the Red Militia defensive barricades.


  1. Really tempted by the rules are they great fun and easy?

  2. They look very straightfoward and flexible, so why not?