Saturday, 8 September 2012

Colours 2012

We had a good couple of hours at Colours today but, as I forgot to take the camera with me, I'm afraid that there are no photographs this time round. The show didn't seem too busy this year but it was very hot, which isn't surprising given the weather but less than pleasant given the preponderance of overweight, sweaty middle aged blokes in attendance.  

The boys were very happy to get a game in a re-match of Tusk, thanks to the chaps from the most excellent Lincombe Barn Wargames club. They wheeled out the 28mm mammoths and cavemen for a second year, much to the delight of the offspring who ended up in a draw, having dispatched two mammoths each by the end of the hunting expedition.

A very good participation game indeed!

I managed to chat to various people and enjoyed watching the Toofatlardies and Peter Pig demo games, although I didn't get the chance to take part, having the two sprogs in tow. I did, however, pick up a few of the things I set out to acquire on the shopping list and a couple of extra items to back up my existing projects.

It was a relatively restrained outlay this year but I did get:

1. A GZG Neu Swabian starter fleet for Full Thrust (the boys got some nice FSE spaceships too)

2. A pack of Copplestone Zanzibaris.

3. A cool Viper Scout Car from Antenocitis Workshop for the 28mm Future FFL project.

4. A shiny new copy of the revised and updated Patrols in the Sudan rules!

All in all, a very enjoyable day despite the heat and my inability to find everything that I was looking for. I'm particularly pleased with the PITS rules and the Viper kit, all of which fit in with my existing list of thing to do and should make for some interesting projects in the not too immediate future.

Good day!

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