Tuesday, 8 January 2013

AK47 Winter Warmer [3]

I've been swamped with work in the last couple of days, so have had to miss the Muskets and Tomhawks game this evening, although I had hoped to have popped in to the club for at least an hour or so. Instead, I've been wading through a mountain of marking in a futile attempt to clear some work out of the way for next week, when I have loads of reports to write. Not a great start to the wargaming year, to say the least.

I've now lost the will to live, so to achieve at least something before I retire for the evening, I thought I'd finish off the casualty figures for the AK47 army, although this took little more than some superglue and sixty seconds. I've also extracted the very old Heller 1/100th scale Puma kit from the model vault and have dusted it off, ready for assembly at some point in the next few days if I can find the time.

I'm annoyed for missing out on the game tonight but, hopefully, once I've cleared the current workload I'll have time at the weekend to prepare a scenario for the Bag The Hun game next week.

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