Friday, 18 January 2013

Full Thrust Mini Project [2]

We had a snow day today, so I was at home with the wife and kids for at least some of the time, when not sledging on the nearby golf course. I was thus able to get the Brigade Models spaceships prepared and based up with tiddly magnets, ready for undercoating and painting tomorrow. I've had these stashed away for several years now, so much so that the large resin dreadnought is now out of production!.

The models are mostly from the German range but I'm going to use them as a Neo Soviet task force, complete with attached medium transports. I didn't like the gun mountings on the cruisers or the stub wings on the dreadnought, so I left them off. I do, however, really like the look of the heavy cruisers and the various frigates. 

These are not the GZG models that I was planning to use for the Full Thrust set up but will be useful as a test bed for the quick painting technique that I'm going to try out. If it works, I'll have a good looking starter fleet for Full Thrust and an effective approach when it comes to painting up the much larger GZG Neu Swabian fleet that I aquired last year.


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  1. Looking good - they'll be quite the heavyweight fleet - that's a now unavailable Pomerania Dreadnought, isn't it - although I think Brigade are gearing up for a revamped re-issue...