Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Full Thrust Mini Project [5]

I now find myself in unfamiliar territory, having completed a project that I started less than a week ago, leaving me in a bit of a quandry as to 'what next'? I'm sorely tempted to have a crack at a second small fleet for Full Thrust now that I've got the painting sorted, give or take a few refinements.

I have a good selection of GZG Neu Swabian ships that would be easy to clean up and assemble, allowing me to field some suitable opposition for the Neo Soviets. They wouldn't take long to paint but I'd have to think up a different scheme based on a three stage wetbrush, drybrush and highlight approach, probably using the Foundry paint system to make things easy.

I've also got a small selection of Brigade Models South African ships, which caught my eye when they were released last year and which could act as stand ins for the Royal Navy. I quite like the idea of a small taskforce of spaceships with classic Cold War era aircraft names as class types.

I'm thinking along the lines of Hunter class frigates, Lightning class destroyers,  Javelin class heavy cruisers and Victor class battleships. It's just an idea, and I'll probably stick with the GZG models, but it would complement the Neo Soviets really well and give me a use for some  otherwise superfluous lead.

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  1. A whole new world of project completion awaits! :o