Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Projects 2013

I'm being fairly realistic, I think, this year with a lot of existing projects rather than new stuff being on the list for 2013. So, in scale order, here are the not so Top Secret projects for the next twelve months or so:


I will aim to finish the SAGA Vikings then either tackle the Darkest Africa native villagers or possibly a French Indian War party of some sort. As it takes me ages to paint 28mm stuff, I will be keeping things small and simple.


I will complete the AK47 Superpower Backed army for a game at the club in February. If I get that done, I may tackle a second 15mm painting project, possibly for IABSM, PITS or even Impetus.


I'm having a break from 10mm this year, although I may have to finish off some Italians for the BKC  Aegean campaign.


I will get the late war German aircraft painted up for BTH2 along with some USAAF planes. I may also have to do some extra odds and sods for Malta, which I may turn into a club mini-campaign at some point.


I really fancy doing a mini-project based on the Peter Pig pirate ships that I recently bought. This will be  squeezed in as and when I get the time and when I've found or written a good set of rules.


This is a big focus this year, with the MiG Alley / Bag the MiG project as a priority. I also want to get some WW2 coastal forces started, as I've wanted to do this for ages and have plenty of models to paint up. This will be a potential mulitplayer game, despending on interest at the club.

That's it really. A bit of a mixed bag but plenty of variety and lots to choose from when I get bored with the thing I'm working on, which is my recurrent problem and explains why I rarely seem to get anything finished! A few other things may also slip through the net, like the Full Thrust fleets, but I'll resist the temptation to lose the plot entirely...?

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