Thursday, 14 February 2013

Bag The Doodlebug [15]

I had a chat at the club on Tuesday about the Bag the Doodlebug project and, as a result, I've decided to opt for 1/144th scale as the focus for the game. To provide the RAF fighter element I've ordered a cross section of pre-painted models and plastic kits including an F-Toys Gloster Meteor and P51B Mustang III, together with a Revell Hawker Tempest V, which should arrive over the next few days.

I've also got the Corgi diecast DH Mosquito IV's, at least one of which could be converted into a thimble nosed nightfighter variant. I'm still hunting for a decent but inexpensive V1, however, as the F-Toys version is extortionate to say the least. I'll probably go for the cheapest option in the form of some Pendraken  buzz bombs, although I suspect I'll have to do some surgery to make them look a little more accurate.


  1. The new Flames of War starter set includes a 1/100th V1. A little but big but might be an option. Might come up on eBay as it is only a scenery item in the game.

  2. Yep, I thought of doing this in 1/100th partly because of the FoW V1. I may even do it in both scales for demo or club.