Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Last Stand on Mykonos

The Italians got well and truly pasted by the perfidious British this evening with the island of Mykonos falling to the enemy by the end of the game. This wasn't unexpected, so the Italian engineers blew up the docks and the airfield with pre-laid demolition charges before finally pulling out.

In the last stand for the island, the brave Italians were overwhelmed by vastly superior numbers and by the use of smoke barrages, air strikes, artillery stonks and armoured assaults. It was an enjoyable game, nonetheless, and I'm definately getting a better grip on the rules mechanisms.

I'll post a full after action report from General Gorgonzola's point of view tomorrow. I am sure that he will demand the highest standards of impartiality and accuracy on the part of Tenente Berlusconi, whose reportage is always entirely above board. In the meantime, here's some low level recce photos of the battle. 

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  1. This isn't how it was supposed to be....!
    I look forward to hearing the impartial report...