Saturday, 2 February 2013

Bag the Hun Operation Bodenplatte [14]

In a moment of inspiration this afternoon, I decided to try to make a Mistel combination for the Operation Bodenplatte project. I have several Museum Miniatures Ju88A4's in the spares box, which have been set aside for North Africa and the Malta, so thought I'd borrow one or two for the purpose. I also have a trio of left over Raiden Miniatures Bf109F4's that I didn't use for the North Africa project, which are perfect as the fighter element of the Ju88 A1 Mistel.

This is the state of progress at the moment, so there's still quite a lot ot do, including the warhead and the additional spars supporting the fighter. I'm hoping to make two versions of the Mistel, one connected and one seperated, so that the fighter can deliver the payload then zoom off in the opposite direction. I'd also like to make a second version with a FW190 as the fighter element, using another Ju88 fuselage or a Raiden Miniatures Ta154 as the Mistel warhead carrier.

That's if I can get this one to work!

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  1. I recall Scotia did a Mistel in 1/300. I think i have one somewhere.