Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Victory on Mykonos!

Friends, Romans, Countrymen

...and the various Greek people that are on our side?

The invincible Italian forces under my command (yes, me!) , have liberated the beautiful island of Mykonos from the clutches of the perfidious (no, duplicitous) British  in a decisive battle of occupation for this cornerstone of the Cyclades. The masterful strategy that I have devised (that's me, Gorgonzola) to tie down the British in futile amphibious landings and incompetent aerial assaults, has reaped it's ultimate harvest!

Mamma Mia!

Although outnumbered three (no, make that six) to one, the resolute Italian defenders of the people of the Free (thanks to me) Mykonos, swiftly sent the Tommies packing all the way back to Timbuktu. Whilst the courageous pilots of the Regia Aeronautica sacrificed their manhood for the glory of Italy (and the Free Greek peeps), there was a grave but inevitable loss of life amongst the valiant aerial gladiators, as they blunted the enemy spearhead in repeated low level attacks on enemy armour concentrations. 

Undeterred by the fall of their aerial comrades, the Italian infantry swiftly advanced on the weak  left flank of the enemy, throwing them into total confusion and inflicting severe casualties on the impetuous but poorly co-ordinated forces of the Anglo-Greek axis of traitorous incompetence. Although harried from the air by the botched efforts of the RAF, the Italian troops (my ones, of course) pushed on to secure high ground above the port of Mykonos and the vital airfield that they had sworn to hold to the last man.

Meanwhile, the British foolishly landed further re-inforcements via land and sea, even though the ultimate triumph of the Italian forces (under my command) was obviously assured. It was a simple matter to blunt this ill-advised assault with a combination of superior Italian military training, some determined anti-tank action by our esteemed Greek patriot allies, and the pre-scheduled amphibious arrival of some superior Italian armoured support (plus my, make that strategic.....military genius!)


Ciao Baby.

General Robusto Gorgonzola (that's me, that is)

PS Bunga Bunga Party, Andross HQ, RSVP (strictly no Nazis) Bring a medal.

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