Monday, 14 July 2014

Japanese Engineers

The plan for the next couple of days is to put together a couple of three man combat engineer teams as support units for the infantry platoon. In the Chain of Command lists you can select three different types of engineer team, wire cutting, demolition and mine clearance. These will be pretty useful, so I think I need a couple at least.

I'll be using the plastic figures as a basis for two three man teams, both equipped with bangalore torpedoes and digging tools, so they can double up as any of the three options. The Japanese used long bamboo poles filled with explosives to blow up wire obstacles, so it shouldn't be difficult to model something similar.

I'll try to model some wire cutters if I can but I'll probably just add a spade or pick axe here or there, so that they're non-specific and interchangeable. I also have a three man flamethrower team to put together, so the platoon will be well supported with combat engineers once I've completed the various bases. It's also a bit of a change from bog standard infantry!


  1. I'll be interested to see the demolition charges. They will make a nice conversion. If your interested and didn't know Black Cat Bases make some tool sets which include wire cutters or something very similar, plus saws, picks etc.. They are pretty good too!