Monday, 21 July 2014


If you were wondering about what's happening with the Chain of Command Japanese Platoon, fear not. As I'm away in Cornwall and Brittany for the next few weeks, there will be a temporary halt to the production line but it will start up again in September. I'm quite pleased with the progress made to date, although I haven't completed all of the assembly, basing and undercoating by the deadline.
However, I have completed the following units, ready for painting after the holidays:
2 x Rifle / LMG Platoons of twelve men plus Junior Leader
2 x two man Sniper teams
1 x two man FOO team
1 x two man AT team
1 x two man AT rifle team
1 x  five man MMG team
1 x five man 70mm Mountain Gun team plus Junior Leader
1 x three man Flamethrower team
1 x three man Engineer Demolition team
1 x Type 95 Ha Go tank
This leaves the following units to assemble, base and undercoat when I get back:
1 x Rifle / LMG platoon of twelve men plus Junior Leader*
1 x Knee Mortar platoon of twelve men plus Junior Leader*
1 x Platoon Commander*
1 x Senior NCO / Standard Bearer*

1 x five man 47mm AT gun team plus Junior Leader
1 x five man MMG team plus Junior Leader (optional)
1 x three man Engineer Demolition Team plus Junior Leader (for an Engineer section)
1 x three man Engineer Mine Clearing and/or Wire Cutting Team
2 x Type 97 Chi Ha tanks
This is quite a lot of stuff but I only need the first four elements (*) to complete the platoon with the rest as optional support units that I can add in as and when I need them. This shouldn't take too long to do and I might even take the plastic bits and bobs I need to Cornwall to glue together before we head off to Brittany in a couple of weeks time.
I've really enjoyed assembling this force and I'm looking forward to the painting phase, which I'm planning to complete one section or support unit at a time, using the same Army Painter dip approach that I tried out on the late war US platoon last year. Who knows, I might even be able to get them ready for a game by half term in October?

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