Thursday, 3 July 2014

Road to Rabaul

I've just got my copy of this through the post, saving a couple of quid on the asking price via Ebay. It's really packed full of great scenarios which can easily be adapted for Bag the Hun, so I now have another direction in which to take my 1/285th scale aircraft projects.
One thing that immediately grabbed my interest was the second section of the book, which features five scenarios involving RAAF P40E Kittyhawks and Hudsons against IJN Zeros and Vals. It's a bit different from the usual USN or USMC option for the South West Pacific theatre for a start.

I have plenty of Raiden Kittyhawks left over from my Western Desert project and the Hudsons can be found in the Museum Miniatures Leading Edge range, so it's a bit of a no brainer. The RAAF scheme is not too tricky to paint and looks pretty neat. I also have plenty of unpainted Raiden Zeros and Vals.
I'll have a think about this and maybe make it the next Bag the Hun project instead of more Russian Front stuff, at least for the moment. It would definately make a nice little sideline project for the Summer holidays or perhaps for the Autumn.


  1. Check Your 6! Is a great game system. I enjoy reading your Blog. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Thanks,

    CY6! is good, especially for one on one dogfight type games.


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