Wednesday, 30 July 2014

AK47 pdf

I had to do a double take when I saw this on TMP today. The classic 'old school' version of the AK47 rules c1997 are now available as a .pdf from Peter Pig for the ridiculous but highly tempting price of £5.00. You even get your own personalised front cover, which I think is a really neat touch, even if it's designed to discourage multiple re-prints being distributed. I'm not sure this will work but, at the very least, it will be offset by new orders for the AK47 figures.
Bunga Bunga!
I have the rules in hardcopy but I've still ordered a .pdf set in order to encourage this initiative, especially if it means some of the back catalogue of RFCM rules get re-released in a digital format. It's also great news for my AK47 club campaign, which has been shunted along to 2015 by the Victory at Sea campaign, making the rules available to those players who are interested but haven't been able to tie down a second hand copy.


  1. Once VAS actually gets going...

  2. "You even get your own personalised front cover, designed to discourage multiple re-prints being distributed" Bless! As though anyone wanting to do this couldn't erase that with Adobe Acrobat! :-)

    When you release PDF rules you have to expect piracy, but then I have seen photocopies of Wessex Games rulesbooks being used (indeed was invited to play in one game using them, clearly the £5 cost of the rules was too much after the hundreds spent on the white metal!)