Monday, 13 April 2015

Magasin De Presse

I always check out the military history and aviation sections of the newsagent when I'm on holiday in France, as there's always something of interest and of potential use as painting or gaming reference material. 

Thus far, I've failed to find any copies of Vae Victis, which is a shame, but I have picked up Aerojournal 46 and Batailles & Blindes 66, both of which have some really interesting and well-illustrated articles. 

The Aerojournal main article on the Imperial Japanese Naval Air Force is particularly good, well worth the 6.50 € outlay for the equivalent content and quality of an Osprey. 

There's an Aerojournal Hors Series (special edition) out at the moment on the Lavochkin La5 too, so I'll have to add that one for the ongoing Bag the Hun on the Russian Front project.

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