Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Galleys and Galleons [9]

Not a lot this evening, as real life has intervened but I have started on some range rulers for Galleys and Galleons using 20mm lengths of obeche stripwood tastefully sprayed in Halfords Gadget Blue and Humbrol Crimson. The blue strips are designed for movement and the red ones for firing, with both being cut to the required lengths and drybrushed for visual effect later on.

I've decided to go for the 75mm short, 120mm medium and 180mm long range rulers, which is a good compromise for the scale and should result in some suitably close action. I've also covered the prototype island with modelling paste, which is absolutely wonderful stuff for texturing and perfect for basing in smaller scales. It's all coming together slowly but surely, with some playtesting just over the horizon.

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