Sunday, 26 April 2015

Monty's Marauders

We had a fantastic weekend in the IOW and the Winchester Rugby Club Under 9's did very well, with the sprog's team achieving a well-deserved 'runners up' and missing an overall win by a whisker. However, the boy took a couple of nasty knocks to the head and ended up with a free ride in a St John's Ambulance, although he recovered to play his part and only missed one half of a match. He's off school tomorrow, just in case, which means I'll be off work for a day to keep an eye on him too.

We also had an afternoon to kill in Cowes where I found a pristine hardback copy of Patrick Delaforce's book on the 8th Armoured Brigade for a quid! I've long had an interest in the Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry and 13/18th Hussars, as both regiments at one time or other, supported 5th Battalion Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry in the NW Europe campaign. This was a Rapid Fire! project of mine a few years ago and is destined for revival in 15mm with IABSM or 28mm with CoC, so it's a great addition to the bookshelf.

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