Sunday, 19 April 2015

Galleys and Galleons [7]

We got home today at 7.00am and I've spent the day unpacking, tidying up and sorting things out. The post included the extra ship kits and accessories that I ordered from Peter Pig including a second schooner, which I have converted into a fore and aft rig, unshamedly copying the idea of Mr D.Manley Esq. from his blog. I think it looks pretty good, so many thanks for the idea.

I also rummaged in the 1/2400 scale bits box, looking for some coastal emplacements that bought from the Tumbling Dice stand at Warfare last year. There was one that didn't have any scale specific features, so I've added a trio of Peter Pig light guns with crew to create an ad-hoc shore battery, the sort of thing any self respecting pirate crew could throw up with a few spades, a taste of the lash and some sugar-based liquid refreshment.

On a more permanent basis, I also uncovered the resin model of Chateau du Taureau that I aquired in France a while back, originally as a target for my 1/600th scale ironclads. It will now be used for it's intended purpose, as a coastal defence against English privateers and the Royal Navy, although scale-wise it's a little bit off. Nonetheless, I've stuck it to an mdf base, then used modelling paste, sand and PVA to blend it in, with some Peter Pig medium guns to add a bit of scale effect.


  1. Great Idea, and a lovely model.

    By the by, is Peter Pigs site up and running today (19-04-15) ?

  2. Peter Pig have made a statement over on Facebook saying that their site is experiencing difficulties, while they update to a newer software version it is still accessible but is somewhat hard to navigate through.

    In regard these Galleys and Galleons post, I'm really struggling to not be tempted to jump on board and buy some PP models. Top work.

  3. Must look out for artillery forts next time I'm on holidays - those resin pieces from tourist shops look great!

  4. This was a lucky find but I'm sure there's more like it out there!