Friday, 3 April 2015

Happy Holidays

We're off on holiday now for a couple of weeks, so I'm packing Heroes of Normandie and Wings of War for the rainy days. In a typical U-turn I've also decided to take some Peter Pig 1/450th scale pirate ships to assemble and base, ready to paint up when I get back.

These are destined for Galleys and Galleons, which I'm going to get hold of once they're published. In the meantime, the models will be glued together and undercoated. I'm looking forward to having a crack at them, with a small flotilla of smuggler and pirate sloops and brigs versus the cutters and frigates of the Royal Navy.


  1. Happy Hols :)
    It is a very much needed break here too...

  2. Galleys & Galleons? Not familiar with that set.

  3. I'm taking a wild stab in the dark and guessing that you're planning on using the new Osprey rules if they're any good?


  4. The rules are from Ganesha Games but haven't been published yet.