Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Dragon Rampant Revealed

I'm really looking forward to this and love the final cover art that's been revealed over on Dan Mersey's blog. I'm sure I can rebase my 15mm HOTT skeleton army to create a fantasy retinue or perhaps I could do something more impressive in 28mm plastic?

I have a Mantic elf army that I bought at a bargain price for my now disinterested teenager a few years ago, along with a large stash of GW Lord of the Rings figures, so plenty of scope for a quick project next year after the rules are published. I also have my eye on those EM4 dwarves..?

Anyway, back down to earth it reminds me that I really should get on with the two War of the Roses retinues for Lion Rampant that I started to organise earlier in the year. I decided to go for 15mm as I already had the figures and it would be quicker to get off the ground, but I haven't even started yet!

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