Sunday, 23 August 2015

If I had a wargame den...

....I'd be able to decorate it with this, which I found as a reproduction poster sized print at a market stall in Paimpol a few days ago. Instead, I'll just add it to my collection of original front page illustrations of French colonial derring do from Le Petit Journal. I only have to wait another six years and there will be a spare room in the house, assuming number one offspring leaves when he's eighteen? Anyway, it's further inspiration for some sort of colonial project In the Heart of Africa toward the end of the year.


  1. What?!! No loft? No under-the-stairs? No garden shed!!!?....where do we send condolence cards?

  2. I can help here. I've found from having four children leave the nest is that the least costly course of action is to pay the first months rental on a flat and give the child the keys.
    It's worked well. :0)

  3. Nice poster! It'll look good framed on the wall. I'm sure you'll get your own man cave one of these days. I had to wait a few years for mine to come along.

  4. No, only a dusty corner of the garage which is just for the books, posters, comfy chair, drinks cabinet, thunder box or wargaming table...woe is me.