Saturday, 22 August 2015

Suakin Strongpoint

I spotted this 28mm laser cut mdf kit on eBay a few days ago and thought 'I need that, not sure why, but I do?', so I put in a modest bid and promptly won it. It's based on the strong points constructed to protect the line of the Suakin-Berber railway, half built to link the Red Sea coast with the Nile in the 1880's. It's not exactly like the original but it's jolly impressive nonetheless.

If it doesn't get used as a redoubt in the Sudan then it will be used for my long planned In the Heart of Africa project. I have a tribal army assembled and ready for painting but have yet to decide what form the opposition will take, be it a colonial military column, a naval landing party or an explorers expedition, but this blockhouse will fit in very nicely as a 'stratagem', as permitted in the army lists for some of these forces.


  1. That's a nice kit! I built something similar for my Darkest Africa gaming.

  2. I've been admiring your scratchbuilding skills...inspirational ideas!