Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Chain of Command Japanese Platoon [16]

We've been out and about all day visiting places with the relatives, so there's been no peace and quiet, let alone any time for other things. However, now that we're back and the kids are about to go off to bed, I've been googling painting techniques and colours for the Japanese infantry platoon.

The best guide that I've found is from the Flames of War site which is obviously gauged toward 15mm but should also work in 28mm. I've packed a wide selection of Army Painter and Vallejo colours so should have most, if not all of the shades required. I also have a selection of the Army Painter dips to try out. 

I thought I'd try an experimental approach to fast painting too. I will set myself a time limit to paint up a squad sized unit of figures, from start to finish bar the tidying up and detailing. I was thinking of making this an hour to keep it simple, although I'm a bit worried that the various colours might run into each other if I'm not careful.

It's worth a try and, if it works, it will definitely speed up my output and avoid too much farting about trying to over complicate the whole thing. It would also stop my habit of wandering off half way through to do something else, which ends up with half finished figures and the inevitable mission creep. 

The aim will be to get the whole platoon, including the support elements but minus the tanks, painted up to a workmanlike wargames standard by the end of the month. I'm not too bothered if that means they look OK rather than amazing, as it's all about getting them ready for  base texturing as soon as possible, then onto the table for a game shortly thereafter!


  1. Those FOW painting guides are a really good starting point for those of us with Vallejo paints... and they're free. Warlord charge a pound for theirs!!!

  2. There are several painting guides around. Here is another one:

    This is very interesting:

    The last, promise!!: