Monday, 31 August 2015

Bolt Action Yanks [37]

A good selection of stuff here.
I have three ex-Corgi die-cast Sherman M4A3's in support of my Bolt Action late war US infantry platoon but they definitely need some more stowage and weathering to look the part. I've been hunting around for some affordable but good quality 28mm scale resin or plastic stowage bits for ages but stumbled on this today completely by accident. There's a good variety of tarps, boxes, jerry cans and bags in the set, so it should be easy to glue them all over the tanks in suitable places.
Where's all my kit gone?

This way to the stowage pile!
It looks like I'll have enough bits and bobs to deck out all three tanks and have some left over for the M3A1 half tracks that I have yet to paint up. In fact, I've been thinking of turning the platoon into armoured infantry anyway, as I have enough tracks and tanks to transport them around and would only need about a dozen more figures to bring them up to strength.


  1. I'm just getting into WWII and really like what you've done with these. I've no tanks as of yet as I'm not experienced enough to try one.

    Also I took a look at the cowboys you did in a previous post-those browns are gorgeous!

  2. Thanks,

    I used a lot of the Foundry range of paints for the browns...they are excellent, if a little expensive!