Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Armies Army Cold War Kickstarter

I've always wanted to skirmish game a Cold War Gone Hot Norway scenario, with Royal Marines and Norwegian troops up against their Soviet paratrooper opposition. I even used to have a selection of the old Platoon 20 figures for this many, many years ago, although where they are now is anyone's guess? So, I was really enthused by the Armies Army Cold War Kickstarter which promises to deliver exactly what I'm after, complete with British troops in winter kit and Soviet VDV paratroops.

I've backed the basic starter set and will be adding a few extras like support weapons and a handful of vehicles once the Kickstarter is complete in February. In the meantime, I'm also thinking of digging out my 10mm Pendraken Royal Marines as a quick project to round off what has otherwise been a very unproductive month. I can't find them despite several attempts to excavate through the piles of stuff on the garage shelves but, when I do locate them, I'll see what I can come up with.

The rules will be Five Core Company Command which I think will be perfect for the level of game I'm looking for, with each stand representing a squad or fire team and each vehicle being one for one. The idea will be to use my tundra terrain cloth folded in half to 4' x 3' plus whatever terrain I can plonk on top to represent Norway in the winter time. The initial focus is on solo-play but I'm also keen to try out the rules at the club first, using my AK47 figures and terrain to see how they work.

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