Saturday, 2 January 2016

Too Fat Lardies Xmas Special

A bit late but better than never, the TFL Xmas Special is out and has some interesting stuff in it, although less variety than usual with a distinct Chain of Command focus. From my perspective, two articles are of particular interest. The first is a Malaya campaign for Chain of Command including lists for the Japanese and some theatre specific rules, which is directly relevant to what I was doing last year over the Summer, so food for thought and something I hope to return to in the not too distant future.

The second article is about scratch building polar terrain, which is something I've been thinking of doing for many years but never got round to, despite having Copplestone explorers, a sledge, a polar bear, a walrus, some inuit hunters and a seaplane model kit stashed away for just such a thing. I've even got a scary snow monster in the shape of a fantastic snow troll figure. The Xmas Special is only a fiver and has lots more in it than just these articles, so well worth downloading!

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