Friday, 1 January 2016

Dragon Rampant Ice Elves [2]

I finished assembling the ice elf army this afternoon, with the addition of a mage (an old GW Lord of the Rings Saruman figure), a mounted elven hero and a medium sized flying dragon (an old GW model). I also finished the last of the spearmen and scouts, although I'd like to add at least one more unit of infantry in the longer run, if I can find some cheap ones. I was going to add a reduced sized unit of three elite riders but I couldn't be bothered!

This lot will be sprayed with the Humbrol aluminium, then washed in Army Painter Strong Tone and drybrushed with Foundry Spearpoint, ready for the detailing stage. I'm not sure how I'll paint the dragon but it will probably be in some shade of ice blue to match the rest of the army. The breakdown of the ice elf army for Dragon Rampant looks like this:

1 x Heavy Foot with Swords (Offensive) @ 6 points
1 x Heavy Foot with Spears @ 4 points
1 x Scouts @ 2 points
1 x Heavy Foot Hero (reduced size unit) @ 4 points
1 x Small Warbeast (Flyer) @ 6 + Ice attack @ + 2 = 8 points
1 x Elite Rider Hero (reduced size unit) @ 6 + Magic Armour @ + 2 = 8 points
1 x Heavy Foot Wizard (reduced size unit ) @  4 + 4 = 8 points

I haven't worked out all the magical or fantastical additions yet so will have to fiddle around with the points balance before I decide the most interesting composition, so this isn't frozen solid yet (see what I did there!). Anyway, I need to re-read the rules properly, so in the meantime I'll crack on with the painting in the last couple of days of holiday left before the inevitable return to work.


  1. That is a complete army for those rules? Is that a small entry level force or a pretty average one?
    Off to google Dragon Rampant now...

  2. This one's on the compact side but not atypical for a force with higher value units.